Trip to the Edge of the World and Acacia Valley

You can’t say you live and work in Saudi Arabia as an expat if you haven’t been to the Edge of the World – the Grand Canyon of the middle east!

Here is a photo of the not so famous but amazing place!

The Edge of the World is more known as a tourist destination by expats than with the Saudi locals and it’s well visited during the cold season considering how hot the temperature could be in the kingdom during summer!

Finding a way to visit the Edge of the World wasn’t easy especially that I’m alone. Luckily, I came across a local tour company named Haya Tours in TripAdvisor and saw that they’re offering tours for expats to various places, Edge of the World included! Yipee! So, I looked up their website and booked a trip with them – total cost was 350 SAR for a half- day trip to the edge of the world and lunch break at the acacia valley. You’ll need only 400 SAR for the whole trip – 350 SAR for the tour cost and 50 SAR for your own stock of snack and water (this is optional since the tour has free food and water for lunch).

It took us 2 hours to reach our destination and less than 2 hours going home. The road to the edge of the world surely wasn’t easy. We rode in a 4×4 vehicle and the driver’s greatly experienced in dealing with rough roads and quicksands! We also had our own stock of food and water as there were no stores to buy from.

Our awesome rides

There was no road sign to follow leading to the Edge of the World so if it’s your first time to go there, make sure to have someone go with you (someone who knows the way!). Also, go in groups of 4×4, a convoy!

After 2 hours of rough road driving, we finally reached our destination and we were welcomed with an awesome view! It was breathtaking!


First viewpoint


The view was so vast and the place was so high you feel like you’re going to fall just by viewing from the edge! Warning to those with fear of heights!

If you’re brave enough to go to the edge of the cliff, approach with caution!
Some guys with bad-ass cameras ^_^








Our driver found an interesting resting spot on the shade 😀
Second viewpoint


Looked for fossils


She was brave enough to go to the edge!
With the ladies!! 😀
This gave me the creeps thinking what could be living inside here!
On our way to the Acacia valley


Some random log


Camped Saudi style
Tried the Arabic coffee
Posed with the group, wore the tour agency’s hat ^_^
Up close with the camels
And so we bid farewell and leave for the city…

Overall, It was an amazing experience and I would love to go back there if given a chance..

If rough road driving and trekking is your kind of thing, this is definitely worth it!

Saudi isn’t bad at all… if you know where to go and you know what to do!



A nurse from southeast Asia, with a dream to travel the world!

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