Quad Biking and Hiking in the Desert

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Are you an expat living in Saudi? New to the country? Looking for a place to visit? I have a place for you!

The first time I came to Riyadh, I thought there was nothing to it but just fancy malls and amazing towers (especially at night!). But then, I went to what they call the Red Sands and Hidden Valley.

As its name implies, red sands – vast desert and mountains, the sand’s color is almost dark orange-“ish”/ red; maybe that’s why the place was named as such.

It was a Friday when we went to the Red Sands and Motorcycle Park and Hidden Valley. We went there with one of my friend’s dad and his colleagues. There is no public transport leading to the place so you’ll need to arrange for a private transportation. Expats love going there during the cold season; people go there to ride ATVs and take heaps of photos of  sand dunes and the wonderful sunset effect, plus camp desert-style. ^_^

Usually in Saudi, women always wear the abaya when going out but here, women can take off their abayas and experience being normal like the rest of the women in the world do, without being approached by the religious police. It’s a breath  of change in this kingdom.

The place was nothing grand but we surely enjoyed riding the ATVs, feeling and pretending like we’re bad ass riders for a day.

Red Sands

The view on our way to the motorcycle park


Quad bikes!!! Here we come!!!
Just look at this view… beautiful, yeah?
This woman can really drive and she was a bad-ass!
With the gang!
Stopping for a photo
Stopping for a photo



Lovely weather while quad biking
Lovely weather while quad biking


Sometime, somewhere here, I had a minor injury after tumbling down on a small hill. Good thing the bike didn’t fall on me as I fell on the ground.

Hidden Valley

came this close to a camel on the road
Came this close to a camel on the road


Almost like from those wild west movies! ^_^
Almost like from those wild west movies! ^_^


The land was dry yet these trees are surviving.



Strolling the desert
Trekking the desert







Bidding farewell to this dry but surprisingly awesome place.

If you ever find yourself bored from all the shopping and restaurant hopping in Riyadh, do visit these two places. I assure you, you’ll have fun!


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