Ma-Cho temple is located in Brgy. II, along the national highway of San Fernando. It’s situated high above sea level, seemingly like on a hill, overlooking the nearby sea. The building was built by the Chinese community sometime in the year 1975.

The temple houses the image of the deity Mazu – the goddess of the sea – believed to be carers of the fishermen and those who live near the sea.
Legend has it that Mazu and the virgin of Caysasay of the Roman Catholics are one and same.

The temple is open to the public, no matter what your religion is. I’m a Roman Catholic and I’m drawn to the beauty and silence of this place. A quiet place to contemplate on your thoughts, maybe? 🙂



Now, I present to you the photos I took after having a moment of peace, a momentary escape from my jumbled thoughts.

This is the towering welcome arch of the temple, adorned with dragons and a bagwa in its center.
The temple’s facade
The entrance to the temple
One of the temple doors
Adorning the temple stairs



A miniature tower positioned infront of the temple’s facade
A pagoda located in the garden grounds of the temple

And that concludes my brief visit to Ma-Cho temple. If you’re looking for a quick stop to visit somewhere in La Union or if you’d like to have a moment of silence and peace, then this is the place to be. They have weekly prayer sessions where they read out Mazu’s teachings to the devotees.



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