Sally Gap, not!

Have you ever heard the phrase, “sometimes, the best plans are unplanned”?

It was one summer weekend, my boyfriend and I decided to visit Sally Gap in Wicklow, Ireland. It’s known as one of the scenic drives in the country.

We got up in the morning, had our daily dose of coffee, drove to our supposed destination, following the directions from the phone app HERE. After driving for an hour, we realized HERE’s saved location for Sally Gap was wrong and it had led us to a residential area. Slightly annoyed, my boyfriend researched the location and entered the word Wicklow in the location. Wicklow Gap appeared in one of the selection and he clicked on it, thinking it was Sally Gap. Driving further for 30 minutes, we finally reached our destination! Surprise! They’re not same – Sally Gap and Wicklow Gap; we should have known. But nonetheless, we regret nothing.

We were welcomed by this view!

This wooden trail leads to one of the viewpoints for the trails to St. Kevin’s way – a pilgrim path in Wicklow. 


Further up the hill in the area, is this lake, which we didn’t get to know the name of.  This photo certainly doesn’t give justice to the beauty of this place in person.
Heavy clouds hovering on summer; only in Ireland.
Tagging our dog along our adventure
We didn’t trek St. Kevin’s Way but we did wander inthe area, took pictures.


This is an abandoned Miners Village in the area; stepped unto plenty of quartz.
Was lucky enough to enjoy this view on a wee bit of a sunny day. One can never trust the weather here in Ireland; one minute it’s sunny, minutes later it’s cold or raining. 
Trekkers en route to St. Kevin’s Way

Concluding our adventure to Wicklow Gap, it wasn’t bad at all. In fact, we were pleased. It’s funny how I was worried initially, realizing that we’re lost, only to recognize that we’ve ended up in a wonderful place. Definitely not the planned destination but beautiful, nonetheless!

Experienced something similar? Let me know in the comments section below! I’d love to hear from you.

Getting lost is a great way to discover new places. True?



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