Summer Vibes in Waterford, Ireland

One of the most underrated places to visit in the emerald isle is the Coppercoast Geopark, located in county Waterford.

The Coppercoast consists of various sites in Ballydwan, Bunmahon head, Fenor Bog, Kilmurrin cove, Knockmahon cove, Stradbally cove, and Tankardstown. All places are free to visit. Most of these places have plenty of free parking spaces, some are in street, free parking.

I had the chance to visit Bunmahon, Stradbally, with the inclusion of visiting Annestown’s coast and Ballyvooney coast.

Mining heritage is visible in Bunmahon. There is even a mine cart art installation in the picnic area, shown in the photo below.


Few steps near this picnic area is the menhir with Ogham engraved.

You can have a walk around the place and read the informative panels about the rocks present in the area.

Further up the road is the coast of Annestown, which I think, is the most beautiful among the coasts in the geopark, with the flowers adorning the coast and the water looked clean.

It was also the most crowded among the coasts we’ve been.

Here’s another menhir, colorfully painted, displayed in Annestown. Exit the coast, turn left, drive further up the road and you’ll see this in the left side of the road.


Finally, Stradbally cove, distinguished with high cliffs left and right, a deep cove, and a narrow river running in the left side.

Walking along it’s shore, we saw these colorful, translucent stones.

Talking about stones, here are some shots I took in Ballyvooney cove, which is also part of the geopark.





There are plenty of beautiful spots to visit in the Geopark, all you need is time, considering its vastness.

You can visit the visitor centre in Knockmahon, Bunmahon, Co. Waterford. They’re open daily except for Tuesdays during summer, from 1100H to 1700H. If you have any questions, you can give them a ring on this number, + 353 (0)51 292828. You may also visit their website

There is no public transportation leading here so you’ll need a private transportation.


A nurse from southeast Asia, with a dream to travel the world!

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